Course Information

Multi-lap format, with riders in all categories completing 3 laps of the circuit.

The 2024 course will consist of three laps, with a total distance of approximately 45 kilometres.
Riders will ride the 5 kilometre beach section before exiting over the dunes and returning via a mix of singletrack and doubletrack. After passing through the arena riders re-join the beach, and the lap is repeated. All laps have the same beach exit, but the route varies off the beach each lap to reduce bottlenecks.

This format will give the leaders a clearer run to the finish while also providing a more enjoyable ride for more relaxed riders. With riders spread out, we can also put in more fun singletrack.

Rotor Battle in the Dark

The fantastic single-lap time trial, which is included with the admission fee, will take place on Saturday, the evening before the main event.

Riders will start at 10 second intervals and complete a single loop, starting immediately after dusk. Due to tide times, the event will not use the beach in 2024. The single circuit will be roughly 8.5 kilometres long and mostly singletrack with some doubletrack.

In addition to prizes for each rider who finishes in the top 25 overall, regardless of sex or category, there will be £100 first prize for the quickest Male and Female riders overall.



12:00 – Campsite area opens
21:00 – Park and campsite area closes, all pre-booked camping arrivals before this time if you wish to stay on Friday night


05:03 – High tide (8.1m)
11:16 – Low Tide (1.2m)
12:00 – Registration opens
14:30 – Little Bikers Challenge - for balance bikes and younger riders
15:00 – Youth events (U6 to U14)
17:35 – High tide (8.2m)
18:00 – Registration closes
19:45 (Estimated first rider start) – Battle in the Dark
21:00 –Park and campsite area closes, all pre-booked camping arrivals before this time.
23:37 – Low Tide (1.3m)


05:50 – High tide (8.7m)
08:00 – Registration opens
11:00 – Main event registration closes
11:45 – Gridding pen closed
12:00 – RACE START
12:04 – Low tide (0.6m)
15:00 – Course closed, no more laps can be started
15:30 – (Estimate) Prize giving
18:18 – High tide (8.7m)


We have the following categories and sub-categories, with equal prizes for male and female riders. For 2024 all categories and sub-categories will have podiums 1-3 places, with Open categories 1-5:

Youth (14-17)
Open (18+)
Veteran (40-49)
Grand Veteran (50-59)
Super Veteran (60-69)
Supreme Veteran (70+)
Fat Bike


While we make every effort to make Battle on the Beach as welcoming and inclusive as possible, the following rules do apply:
  • No electronically assisted bikes
  • Anyone found to be riding under another person’s entry will be instantly removed from the results. It is a breach of our event insurance and we can not accept anyone who has not entered and is riding in their own name.
  • Helmets are mandatory. Anyone caught riding without a helmet will be removed from the event immediately.
  • No aero bars (MTB bar ends, and inner bar ends are allowed)
  • Technical assistance is permitted. You are free to change bikes or parts, however, this is only allowed within the event arena. Changes are possible throughout the arena, but there will be a designated pit area where spare bikes or wheels can be left. All items are left at your own risk.
  • Feeding is allowed within the event area, helpers are allowed to hand you bottles or food.
  • Riders are free to help each other while out on the course, but swapping bikes is not allowed.
  • To qualify for the Fat Bike subcategory you must ride the entire event on a bike with tyres that exceed 3.5″ front and rear. So-called “fat fronts” are not eligible, but can take part in the event overall.
  • In-ear music players are not allowed.
  • Anyone caught missing a section of the course will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught dropping litter on purpose will be immediately disqualified. This includes discarding gel wrappers.
  • Anyone who disobeys a marshall will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught overtaking dangerously will have a 2 minute time penalty as a first offence and disqualification as a second offence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Will the salt water and sand destroy my bike?
No. The hard sand is not like your typical beach. The only areas of softer sand are the entrance and exit points, a maximum of 100 metres. We recommend giving your bike a wash immediately after and there is a bike wash provided.
2I've entered, but now I can't make it. Can I get a refund?
We are unable to refund entries. For 2024 we will have a refund protection option (at additional cost), and we also allow an entry to be transferred to another rider for no fee up until 28 days before the event.
3Do I need a fatbike?
No. The sand is so fast that it is faster on a gravel or mountain bike. For those who do want to ride a fatbike, we have a sub-category and podium for the fastest fatbike finishers.
4Do I need a specialist beach racer bike?
No, although racers who have bikes with builds to suit the specific nature of the course often finish near the front.
5I'm over 40 and I think I can give the young ones a run for their money. What category should I enter?
Yes. The Open category is for any age, and anyone who wants to compete for the prize money can enter.
6Will there be any races for Under 14's?
Yes, and these will be run by local club Ystwyth CC. All youth races are on Saturday, with entry usually £4 (TBC for 2024). Please see the event schedule for all timings. Ages U6, U8, U10, U12 and U14.
7Do I need a racing licence?
No. Battle on the Beach is not a British Cycling affiliated event.
8Is there a cut-off time?
Yes. This will be based on tide-times, and it will be announced before the race. We have never had to stop riders from competing the full distance before.
9Can we camp?
There is an optional camping option with your entry. In addition, Pembrey Country Park has a permanent campsite with extra facilities (shower, electric) and there is an additional campsite outside the country park gates.
10Are dogs allowed in the park and the beach?
The 2024 event will take place before the dog ban comes in to place. But we please ask that you ensure your dogs are under control and on a lead during the race times.
11Can I ride a tandem?
Yes. We now have a tandem category, and it has become one of the only off-road tandem events in the UK. All tandems will line up together on the edge of the front row to ensure a fair start for all.