Event Rules
  • Anyone found to be riding under another person’s entry will be instantly removed from the results. It is a breach of our event insurance and we can not accept anyone who has not entered and is riding in their own name.
  • Helmets are mandatory. Anyone caught riding without a helmet will be removed from the event immediately.
  • No aero bars (MTB bar ends are allowed)
  • Technical assistance is permitted. You are free to change bikes or parts, however this is only allowed within the event arena. Changes are possible throughout the arena, but there will be a designated pit area where spare bikes or wheels can be left, however this is at your own risk.
  • Feeding is allowed within the event area, helpers are allowed to hand you bottles or food.
  • Riders are free to help each other while out on course, but swapping bikes is not allowed.
  • To qualify for the Fat Bike subcategory you must ride the entire event on a bike with tyres that exceed 3.5″ front and rear. So called “fat fronts” are not eligible, but can take part in the event overall.
  • In-ear music players are not allowed.
  • No form of mechanically or electronically assisted bikes are allowed. This includes derny bikes (it has been asked!)
  • Anyone caught missing a section of the course will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught dropping litter on purpose will be immediately disqualified. This includes discarding gel wrappers.
  • Anyone who disobeys a marshall will be disqualified immediately.
  • Anyone caught overtaking dangerously will have a 2 minute time penalty as a first offence and disqualification as a second offence.