Automatically Seeded Riders are based on 2017 results, with the Top 60 male (overall) and Top 10 female (overall). Also Top 3 Riders in each age category if they are outside the above.

The remaining places will be given to riders based on performance merit, while also trying to ensure that no single rider had an unfair advantage in a category. Details on how apply here.

The following riders will gain access to the front of the start pen. We must emphasise that this is only the front section, the remainder is open to all with no restrictions.

Alphabetical Based on First Name

Rider Name
Alex Mcnicol
Almero Barnard
Andrew Roberts
Andy Firman
Andy Jones
Benjamin Wadey
Bruce Dalton
Bruce Mackie
Caroline Goward
Carys Jeffreys
Chris Thompson
Christian Humphrey
Christina White
Crispin Doyle
Dan Evans
David Beskeen
David L Thomas
David Powell
Fran Jones
Gavin Howell
George Budd
Griff Lewis
Ian Bendall
Ian Jeremiah
Iwan Evans
Jacob Phelps
Jennifer Forrester
Jody Crawforth
John Buchan
Jonathan Pugh
Josh Ibbett
Katie Scott
Kim Little
Kym Harvey
Leigh Smith
Lewys Hobbs
Lynn Lines
Mark Spratt
Matthew Beckett
Matthew Fratesi
Matthew Humpage
Matthew Lewis
Max Gibbons
Nick Shaughnessy
Nicky Morris
Paddy Scullion
Paul Hopkins
Richard Bowen
Richard Jones
Rob Grimes
Sam Ryland
Simon Ernest
Sinead Waters
Sophie Halhead
Tim Dunford
Tim Plimmer
Tom Halhead
Tony Kiss
Verity Appleyard
Victoria Mayes