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30th December 2016
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13th December 2017
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2017 Seeded Riders List

We had an incredible response from riders who wished to be seeded and would like to thank everyone who took the time to apply.

Seeding was based on 2016 results initially, with the Top 35 male and Top 5 female riders automatically being seeded. The remaining places were given to riders based on performance merit, while also trying to ensure that no single rider had an unfair advantage in a category.

The following riders will get gain access to the front of the start pen. We must emphasise that this is only the first few rows, the remainder is open to all with no restrictions.


Race NumberName
1Richard Jansen
2Bram Imming
3Ben Wadey
4Robby de Bock
5Phil Morris
6Paul Hopkins
7George Budd
8David Thomas
9Kim Little
10David Beskeen
11Anthony White
12Lewys Hobbs
13Jacob Phelps
14Mark Spratt
15Bruce Dalton
16Matthew Beckett
17Alex Forrester
18Crispin Doyle
19David Evans
20Paddy Scullion
21Chris Thompson
22Jonathan Roberts
23Matthew Lewis
24Ffion James
25Emily Benham
26Melanie Alexander
27Iwona Szmyd
28Hannah Payton
29Megan James
30Ed Wolstenholme
31Dan Evans
32Richard Jones
33Josh Ibbett
34Tony Kiss
35Simon Ernest
36Jonathan Pugh
37Scot Easter
38Roki Reed
39Richard Freshwater
40Marc Chamberlain
41Max Gibbons
42Nick Shaughnessy
43Katie Scott
44Richard Penning
45Matthew Fratesi
46Aled Jones
47Sophie Hemming
48Verity Appleyard
49Chris Metcalfe
50Jody Crawforth
51Lee Craigie
52Ian Bendall